Services for Missing Heirs

  • We provide attorneys when needed at No Cost to our clients

  • We keep our clients informed of all developments in the estate
  • We provide complete kinship documentation to the court
  • We testify regularly at hearings to prove heirship
  • We monitor the assets and expenses of the estate
  • We supply investigative support to your attorney as needed
  • We connect long-lost family members
  • We provide the "Family Historian" with all our research

Celebration dinner with heirs.

For the heirs, finding this estate was a Godsend; an answer to their prayers.  We became good friends and I am so grateful for their trust in me.  I was happy to share with them a warm dinner on a cold winter's night and to surprise them with this copy of the family tree.

Testimonial From a "Found" Heir 

This is a

"MUST SEE" for potential heirs.

This heir was able to purchase her first house and put money away for a college education for her young son.


Watch an Interview with a Happy "Found" Missing Heir!


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