The end result of finding a person for International Missing Heir Finders.

Missing Heir Testimonial.

Video Transcription.


John: Where are we Donna?

Donna: We are in Terryville, CT, this is a restaurant called Chutegates, and I met you just by a card in the door. I didn’t know what it was, and I called you, and frankly it just boiled down to, this is a man who had found some money... I followed Mr. Hoda’s lead, and ended up being able to afford a wonderful home and college money for my son, and that’s it.

John: It has been fun hasnt it?

Donna: Its been a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful trip.

John: I remember the first time I came to your dad’s house, nearby, and it was a cold winter day.  I know that you and your dad welcomed me in.  We had a chance to chat and talk about things, and basically it boiled down to that it was a win-win situation.  You had known that I could help you with this and it worked out.  So I’m very very pleased that we were able to do that.  And now we had a nice dinner tonight. And, well did you have a nice time tonight Anthony.

Anthony: *Smiles*.

Donna: Yep.

John: Thank you so much.

Donna: It was a pleasure. It was very nice meeting you.


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