Our Process, Our Fees and What to Expect

How do you find misplaced assets for your clients?

International Missing Heir Finders performs reviews of public records, probate proceedings, and other opportunities where it is likely to find sources of misplaced assets in which all the heirs have not yet been identified. We then analyze the information and decide whether it will be worthwhile for all involved parties to move on to the intensive process of locating missing heirs. We frequently discover opportunities to locate missing heirs that others overlook.

How does your organization find the Heirs?

Once we have found the money source and determine there are significant assets, we use a combination of “microchips and shoe leather”. Our team is made up of genealogists and private investigators, resulting in a deep well of advanced investigative methods to draw from. These talents include preparation of genealogy charts, investigation of record archives, trained interview procedures, and in-depth research via our network of databases and colleagues from around the world. On first contact, nearly every rightful owner had no idea that they might be entitled to found assets, and we were the first to inform them.

How do you get paid?

International Missing Heir Finders receives a legitimate finder’s fee paid by the source of the monies; you never pay any charges out of pocket. We are only paid if you receive payment. If you get nothing, we get nothing. Period.

What will International Missing Heir Finders do to help me make my claim?

When you decide to become an International Missing Heir Finders client, we walk you smoothly through the asset claims process to the day of final accounting. We prepare the genealogical chart and the case documents, arrange appointments and meet with officials, file all necessary forms, and take care of any other thing that may commonly occur during a missing heir case. In many cases, you may not even need to appear to receive your monies.

Is time a critical factor in making heir claims?

Yes, immediate attention is often required in these matters. Statutes of limitation, filing dates and certain deadlines must be met and requirements vary from case to case. Until we have a signed agreement in hand, we do not have a lawful client and can not bring your interest to light. Once deadlines pass, your position may be weakened, or worse, the opportunity may be lost forever and lawfully irretrievable.

Why can’t you tell me all the details now before I sign the agreement?

Unfortunately, the first notification is enough for some people to get started on their own trail of locating the money and going directly to the source without signing our agreement. It is rare, but it does happen and we’ve done a lot of work on the heir’s behalf to get to this point. For this reason, we must protect our finder’s fee until the heirs are signed up. Then we explain where the money source is and what its approximate value is. For a better description of how contingency fees work, click on the link provided for the press release of Finders International Probate Genealogists: http://www.prunderground.com/001913/contingency-fee-arrangements-in-the-probate-genealogy-profession/

How long does it take to make a claim and get my money?

Depending on the factors of your unique situation, it may take anywhere from four to eighteen months before any entitlements are distributed. We do everything in our power to expedite the process for you, another benefit of working with an experienced, reputable missing heir firm.

How do I get started?

Call international Missing Heir Finders today at 888-222-6096 or fill out our convenient website Contact Form. We will be in touch promptly. If you have already received a Client Agreement and wish to get started with your claim, please sign and fax to our New York offices at 888-383-8147, followed by a hard copy mailed to our offices at:

International Missing Heir Finders, LLC

333 Mamaroneck Avenue

Suite 395

White Plains, New York 10605


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