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We find missing heirs.


Combining genealogical research with the skills of private investigation, we forge a trail of discovery.  Our secret recipe for success starts with the best ingredients; cutting edge databases and old-fashioned shoe leather. We blend in exact measures of genealogy and investigative know-how.

We top it off with a generous portion of intuitive analytical skills,

and serve with integrity.

Attorneys choose us to find heirs, and beneficiaries.


 Probate Lawyers,

Estate Lawyers &

Trust Officers

The estate can't be distributed and closed until everyone is accounted for.

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Smart Lawyers and Trust Officers tap the experts at IMHF when they absolutely, positively need to find that missing heir or beneficiary. 

They realize superior results while   saving both time and money.

Find Missing Heirs / Find Beneficiaries

We provide services for missing heirs.




Are you a missing heir that has been contacted by us?


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