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What is a Tracer?

A Tracer is a person that locates recently opened probate estates in courts near where they live. Using our proprietary search criteria, they select files for our review.  They validate the value of real estate in the probate file by checking land records for liens, judgments and mortgages before sending us the case for possible jacketing.  We have flexible compensation plans to meet both your needs and ours as it relates to that territory.

More risk, more reward.  Less risk, less reward.

What is a Probate Genealogist?

A Probate Genealogist has proven genealogy skills and can help us in finding the missing heirs. We pay either an hourly rate and expenses or a higher percent on a bonus. A “PG” undertakes the same initial steps as a tracer, but once we decide to jacket a case, we put their genealogy skills to immediate use.

What number of hits could I expect compared to the number of courthouse trips I would be making?

There is not a hard and fast rule. The larger the county population, the greater the opportunity. You could find 4 in one day or go a month without anything. This is like fishing. If you have to make a special trip to do these searches, it tends to be more time-consuming. Since you schedule the work yourself, you can plan the trips around other activities. Keep in mind, you are fishing for the big whale case. Find a high dollar estate where there is no will and only a far removed relative claiming, and we may uncover and sign a relative equal or closer in relationship. Depending on our agreement, this can be very lucrative to you.  My first tracer went to courts within a 20 mile radius and reviewed the recent probate estate openings published in the local paper He spent approximately 4 hours a week doing this. In that year, he found 5 cases that we jacketed; three where we found heirs and two that paid off.  He made $21,000 for about 200 hours of work. That's over $100.00 an hour. If you are looking at the finder’s fee only, you are missing out on the big picture. Try it for three months to see if it’s for you. It couldn't hurt and it gives you more experience.

How does the training work?

The training materials would be sent to you after you have completed our contract which includes a non-compete agreement. We would follow with a phone session and assign a Missing Heir Researcher to decide on which cases to jacket. The researcher will help you through those early trips to the courthouses to make sure that you are not missing anything.


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