Intestate and finding the missing heirs.

Dying without a will.

Video transcription

Intestate that’s Latin for dying without a will.  When a person dies without a will that means they’ve died intestate.  Hello my name is John Hoda of International Missing Heir Finders, and I locate people all over the world that are entitled to money from estates. 

Many times these people don’t have a clue that someone has died and left them a large sum of money, and for them this is an answer to their prays, a godsend, and its a life changer in many persons lives, and I’m very happy to be there during that time period.

There’s a lot of excitement and lot of thrill in the work that I do, it’s probate genealogy. I like to think of it as genealogy on steroids first of all you have to do this work faster than your competitors, otherwise they will eat your lunch.  Then its a matter of getting it pass muster in front of the courts, and a lot of times that’s not easy either, because some people in that court do not want to see the pie being split amongst more heirs.  I find this work to be very exciting. I enjoy it a great deal, and I’m very happy to do this for the people that had no clue they were entitled to this money. I think I’m in the business of the lost and found.


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